depression counselling

Depression is a serious disease. It is the dilemma of our society that we blame other people and never own our own mistakes. We like to shift the blames and make our self-clear. The behaviours cause negative impact on the people who we are shifting the blame. Some people fight and speak against it. But, some people tolerate it quietly. But, there is a limit to everything. When the limits cross and still they don’t speak or vent out then this is the point from where they issues initiate.

They start getting the mental issue. Sometimes, they feel that they kill themselves as they are doing nothing with their life. There is nothing in their life left which make them happy. Such kind of people need depression counselling in bundoora. People make fun of such people that they have going mad. Instead of helping they bully them.

The Important Factors

There are many other factors as well which tend us to go for depression counselling. Let us have a look at those factors.

  • Relationship status:

The relationship status play a vital role in the wellbeing of our brain. It is not important that only the dispute between the spouses can cause depression. Even parents and children sometimes go through issues which make them fall into depression. For example, when a son starting going out along and make bad friends, they start taking drugs. Parents come to know and they try to stop him. But, he doesn’t listen to them. Parents go into depression because of son.

  • Exams Results:

The trauma of failure is the bad one. When we give our best but still don’t get the results as per our expectation, we feel broken. Children know that their parents are investing a huge chunk of money on their education and in return they are not giving them good results. They think that their parents will shout on them and abuse them. The thinking of failure make them fall in tension which eventually causes depression.

  • Loss of a Love one:

When we lose the love of our life or someone whom we can’t imagine without living then we can’t accept the fact about their demise. We have to live with the truth but our brain is not ready to accept that. People need depression counselling which makes them understand that it is life and we all have to leave this world. It takes time but the results are amazing.

So, if anyone of you or your loved one has been going through the similar situation then try to help them and connect them to a depression counselling clinic, this is the best thing that you can do for them.

Relieve psychology can help you in treating such people. We have the best depression counsellors who can treat with the best possible ways.

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