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Steps Of Root Canal Treatment

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Many of you people might be facing one dental disease or the other. According to research, one in every four people is suffering from pain in tooth or gums. Taking care of one’s oral hygiene is very important and sadly not many people follow the proper precautions and instructions that are mentioned by the dentists. People suffering from pain in teeth, often hesitate from going to the dentist as they are in the habit of treating the pain with over the counter medicine, but not eradicating the reason for the pain. One such procedure is root canal treatment that is notorious in the minds of people. People often preserve this treatment to be highly invasive and painful whereas, in reality, it is quite the opposite.

Root canal treatment in sydney is performed on teeth when it is in very bad shape and started to decay with the damage. The damage is still on the surface so thankfully the teeth can be saved if root canal treatment is done by an expert dentist. This treatment is to some extent painless and the only pain you might feel will be close to a pinching sensation and that it. The dentists perform this treatment under a highly controlled environment and even a little mistake can make the patient lose its teeth. To help you have a better understanding some steps of this treatment are explained below in simple words.

  • Preparation

The dentist cannot perform root canal treatment on the patient unless his mouth is prepared for it. The helping staff often comes handy at this time and make sure to prep the mouth of the patient before the dentist comes. This step is the first step towards the successful treatment of the root canal.

  • Numbing

The step which makes this treatment painless in the numbing step. Root canal treatment often makes people confuse thinking that it might hurt but it doesn’t hurt more than a pinch. The dentist injects a numbing solution into the gums and teeth which makes it painless.

  • Drilling

The dentist’s drill a minute hole into the teeth that goes towards the pulp of teeth. This step is very crucial and the dentist needs to have his full attention towards the drilling.

  • Procedure

After the above-mentioned steps, the main step is performed which is the actual root canal treatment. The dentist scraps out all the pulp and decaying dead tissue from the center of the teeth and washes the teeth with a sterilization solution to make it germ and bacteria-free. This step is carried out with full attention to make sure all the dead tissue is completely scraped and wiped from the teeth.

  • Filling

After cleaning out the center of the teeth the dentist makes sure that the rest of the teeth is saved from decay. He then fills the cavity inside the teeth and shuts the hole that was drilled with a filling matter that is specially used for root canal treatment.Please contact us if you need more information